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The Logic of Eight

Lundie Media is our name now but there was once upon a time when we went by a different name.
This is the story of The Logic of Eight.

You see, it all began before we were a company. Working as the inhouse marketing and design specialist for a large company in Scotland, our founder lived in a little village in the middle of nowhere. This meant that during the mid week evenings there was not a huge amount to do.

To avoid madness, he devised a simple process whereby every evening an alarm with ring at 8pm. Whether he did anything with this or not was entirely dependent on how he felt.

You see, while 7pm is the evening and 9pm is night time, 8pm is the joining of the two. And during the week when you work a 9-5 job yet want to maximise your personal time, an alarm at 8pm offered a great opportunity to kick start an activity should you wish.

Go for a walk, watch a move, meet a friend. It didn’t matter. It was a logical way or making sure you used your time efficiently.

And that was as it came to be known – The Logic of Eight.

the logic of 8 graphic design

So when the company first began, this logic was used as an inspiration for the company name and The Logic of Eight – Graphic Design began.

Now obviously as we evolved, we needed to portray a more professional image. After all, we were now doing the marketing work for some well known brands in the UK – hence a rebrand to become Lundie Media. But that logic and efficiency has never gone away and it is still engrained in our values. Because while we always want to create visual graphic design work that WOWS our clients, graphic design and marketing are all sales tools and it is more important that they are used efficiently to generate sales and leads rather than simply look the part. It’s just logic really!