Standing our ground

pop up banner design work

Not everyone can be right all the time.

And being strong enough to recognise that you are wrong and when you need help is part of the character building process of life.

To us – quality matters. So when this pop up banner was delivered from the printer for our client Low Energy Services, we checked it over and were not impressed at the print finish.

We spoke to the printer (who shall remain nameless) to explain the issue and ask for a reprint.  At first they tried to blame us for the issue and the artwork that we supplied. We held our ground and they then confirmed it was actually to do with the print material. They wouldn’t offer a reprint because they knew the issue would happen again and instead have refunded the money for the printing costs.

So long story short, we were right, we are going to get it printed elsewhere so the client gets the quality they deserve and that lack of honesty from the printer has cost them a client.

To us, service is very very important (as it should be). When we deal with other companies, we expect a certain level of service and if we don’t, we are not going to be their customer for much longer. We want our clients to receive a quality service both in the design work we provide but also in how we deliver that service.

It is one of our founding company values and we believe it is what our customers are looking for in a design agency.