Social Media Dates 2024

social media marketing dates 2024

Plan out your social media year.

What are you going to post about on social media?  Well what you do for one thing.  But what else?  One of the easiest ways to post on social media is through content around key dates in the calendar.  And now that we are in 2024, what better time to list some of the big events in the year ahead.

This doesn’t cover everything but it is a good place to start if you are thinking of handling your social media marketing yourself.  And if you want someone to do it for you, then we are just a phone call away.


11th January – International Thank You Day

15th January – Blue Monday

25th January – Burns Night

31st January – National Hot Chocolate Day


6th February – Safer Internet Day

9th February – National Pizza Day

10th February – Chinese New Year

13th February – Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday)

14th February – Valentines Day

20th February – Love Your Pet Day


7th March – World Book Day

8th March – International Women’s Day

17th March – St Patricks Day

18th March – Global Recycling Day

19th March – First Day of Spring

21st March – World Poetry Day

29th March – Good Friday

31st March – Easter Sunday / Clocks Change


1st April – April Fools

7th April – World Health Day

9th April – National Gin & Tonic Day

21st April – London Marathon / National Tea Day

22nd April – Earth Day

23rd April – St Georges Day


4th May – Star Wars Day

11th May – Eat What You Want Day

13th May – World Cocktail Day

17th May – World Baking Day

21st May – Chelsea Flower Show

29th May – National Biscuit Day


5th June – World Environment Day

8th June – World Gin Day / World Ocean Day

15th June – National Beer Day

16th June – Father’s Day

18th June – International Picnic Day

24th June – Armed Forces Day

30th June – World Social Media Day


1st July – Wimbledon Begins

4th July – Independence Day

7th July – Chocolate Day / National Thank You Day

26th July – Olympics Begins


4th August – International Friendship Day

8th August – International Cat Day

17th August – National Cupcake Day

22nd August – National Burger Day

26th August – International Dog Day


1st September – First Day of Autumn

5th September – International Charity Day

9th September – Emergency Services Day

10th September – World Suicide Prevention Day

16th September – 100 Days Until Christmas

25th September – World Fitness Day

27th September – World Tourism Day


1st October – International Coffee Day

3rd October – National Poetry Day

5th October – World Teachers Day

6th October – Grandparents Day

10th October – World Mental Health Day

21st October – Back to the Future Day

31st October – Halloween


3rd November – Clocks Change

4th November – Roast Dinner Day

5th November – Fireworks Night / 50 Days Until Christmas

11th November – Remembrance Day

29th November – Black Friday

30th November – St Andrews Day


12th December – Christmas Jumper Day

21st December – First Day of Winter

24th December – Christmas Eve

25th December – Christmas Day

31st December – New Years Eve

We hope the list of important and relevant dates helps you with your social media marketing but if y ou are struggling to keep up to date with it all and think now might be the right time to outsource your social media work then we would love to have a chat with you about it.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes on their social media.  We create visuals and videos, sort out schedules and handle replies to comments etc on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin.