Our Values

It is all too easy for a company to make up some hocus pocus company values, forget them and get on with things but at Lundie Media, we have been holding onto our values since we first began this journey all the way back in 2009.  Why does that matter? Because in our eyes, our values are what our customers are looking for in a design agency and when we are the customer ourselves, it is the values we look for. They are quite simple really…

Be enthusiastic, be honest and deliver quality in both the work we do and the way we deliver it.

1 – Quality Service

To us, service is very very important (as it should be). When we deal with other companies, we expect a certain level of service and if we don’t, we are not going to be their customer for much longer.  We want our clients to receive a quality service both in the design work we provide but also in how we deliver that service.  When you commission us to complete work for you, the work is not done until you are happy with it. Simple fact!  Quality Service in design, presentation and attitude. It keeps our clients happy and makes it more likely that they will come back to us in the future for more marketing work.

2 – Honest Advice

All to often we shoot ourselves in the foot because a client comes to us looking for design work or a marketing service which, if we don’t think it is right for them, we will tell them.  We won’t lie, this has cost us business in the past but that’s okay because it was the right advice to give.  We don’t have grand ambitions to be the biggest design agency in Glasgow, we just want to do right by our clients. Our growth as a business has always come from repeat business and referrals from happy clients so we must be doing something right. When it comes to honest advice, If you don’t need a particular piece of design work, we will tell you.  If we think your money would be better spent elsewhere, we will tell you. Honest advice which we think in this day of age is actually quite refreshing.

Bizarrely, over the years, this has actually led us to become something of a second business coach for some clients.  We know what we are talking about when it comes to marketing and quite often, that means chasing the client to do something that only they can do.  We are happy to do it because it benefits them and helps their business grow. And in the grand scale of things, the growth of your business is what you need graphic design and marketing for. So it’s a win win.

3 – Enthusiasm

We love what we do and rarely is there a day in the Lundie Media office where we are not enjoying our jobs.  After all it is both a job and a passion for us. And that enthusiasm, whilst last in this list of company values is our most important value – because it helps to define the rest and influences who we are as a business.  As an enthusiastic design company, it fuels us to deliver a higher quality service both in the design work we can offer but also in the way we deliver that service to our customers.  Whether it be in answering the phone to a client, replying to an email quickly or dealing with amendments to some artwork so that you get the final design that you need.


And there you go.  Three simple values that have stood us in good stead for the last decade (and a few years more).