Our 14th Birthday

The 5th of January is always a special day for us.

Why you might ask?  Well because on the 5th of January 2010, we officially began or journey as a design agency in Glasgow.

The original company was called ‘The Logic of Eight’ and it was the classic, working from home, sole trader business. Over the next 10 years, the sole trader business grew, picking up small jobs in print design at first before taking on bigger, larger jobs as the years went by.  What originally started as a design company with a core focus on print based graphic design quickly changed to embrace branding and web design before venturing into SEO and then social media marketing as the market for these services grew.

The Logic of Eight, while a slightly strange name, definitely helped create a talking point at networking events but with bigger clients and a drive to grow further, the company name was changed to Lundie Media as a celebration of its 10 year anniversary.

We joined the HF Group and became a Limited Company in 2021 and what started as a company working from a small flat in Hyndland in the West End of Glasgow moved into the HF Group head office on Albert Drive in Glasgow’s South Side in September 2021.

The business model has remained the same since day one and will continue to stay the same for evermore:

Be enthusiastic, be honest and deliver quality in both the work we do and the way we deliver it.

We always want to deliver not just beautiful graphic design work but also enhance the marketing and sales for our customers.  After all, graphic design and marketing are just sales tools that a business can use to gain new business.

So after 14 years, what does the future hold?  Well we are no longer just a one man band and the plan is for future growth.  All while making sure we never over stretch ourselves, keep delivering the same quality of service for our clients regardless of what size they are. And above all – go above and beyond to help our clients.  The amount of times we have given advice and helped point clients in the right directions…..too many to count.  But if it helps their business then we regard it as part of our job for them.

And if that all sounds good to you and you are looking for a design company in Glasgow (or further a field because we actually have clients spanning from Aberdeen down to London) that will treat you with dedication and commitment then simply pick up the phone and say hello.  All great partnerships start with that first step and for us, we always love to get to know a new client or potential one over a cup of coffee.  If what we offer is not right for you, we will tell you.  Likewise, we won’t just say something is a good idea simply to agree with you.  Because it is all about gaining you new business.

So what are you waiting for.  We have been around for 14 years now and unless something truly drastic happens – we aren’t going anywhere.