Meet our Social Media Marketing Specialist

social media marketing specialist Anna

The Lundie Media team grew at the beginning of 2023 with the addition of our new Social Media Specialist Anna.  As social media marketing importance grows, it was only logical for us to strengthen in this area and Anna is a great new addition to the LM team.  To celebrate this, we sat down with Anna to do a ‘meet the team’ Q&A.

So Anna….

When you go into a meeting do you have tea or coffee?

Most definitely coffee, no offense to tea, its got its own time and place. Good quality coffee, a bit of milk….perfection.

What was your first job?

It really depends on how you classify first job? The first time I earned money was an an assistant to my Mum when I was 12 when she was working as a Piano Teacher. The hours were long but the money was good (for a 12 year old that is).

What you are probably looking for is my first REAL job. I, like so many worked in hospitality. First in a cafe and then on to restaurants. It is actually working in the restaurant business that first got me interested in social media marketing and as I studied online marketing courses, I ended up doing the social media work for the restaurant I was working for at the time. The rest as they say is history.

What is your fifteen minutes of fame?

Sadly that 15 minutes of fame has not come around yet but I can lay claim to a dizzying 0.5 of a second of fame!! I was filmed in the background of an STV news story while making coffees in one of my old jobs. I hope that when my fifteen minutes of fame does come about, it is a bit more elaborate than what I currently have.

What is your speciality at Lundie Media?

Social Media Marketing. I handle the daily posting, creating post schedules, researching competitors, monitoring traffic etc. So much of online marketing goes hand in hand with each other so I also do content writing as part of the SEO work we do here.

Why would you recommend Social Media Marketing to a business?

How many people do you know that aren’t on social media? Exactly. Not that many. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc, it’s an incredible tool to get your business in front of potential clients or customers who may not have even known they needed you (or that you existed).

It provides a far more casual way for a business to interact with their customers, and build long lasting relationships. Its more laid back marketing, less in your face, less salesy but with more benefits.

Social Media Marketing is becoming a vital part of a businesses online marketing campaign. It helps tell your story, strengthens your brand identity, sells your services, helps with recruitment, stay at the top of your target audiences minds, build customer loyalty…..and all for a lot less than traditional print marketing.

Oh and another benefit of social media is that occasionally you get to come across a funny video of a kangaroo doing a cartwheel or something bizarre like that.

It’s early days but what do you enjoy most about working at Lundie Media?

It’s the enthusiasm. Whether it is working for a client in finance or one that makes really tasty treats, there is a real sense that they love what they do and that is pretty infectious. It makes starting work on a Monday morning a lot more fun.

Thanks Anna.

If you have been considering social media marketing for your business but are unsure about what is involved, how often your business should be posting etc then get in touch.  We would be happy to discuss the benefits (and downsides) of social media marketing to find out if it is right for your business.

Why not contact Anna to get the ball rolling?  Simply email