HF Group Electric Vehicle Graphics

When HF Group added a new electric car to their fleet, they wanted to make a visual impact. So we helped them deliver it.

The MG4 is already a popular electric car on the streets across the UK and HF wanted theirs to stand out.  The ‘problem’ is that HF Group do a lot of things. They are electricians, plumbers, air con installers, fire & security engineers, comms and control panel design and builders among a long list of other things.  Including electric vehicle charging systems.

We used the existing branding styles to develop a unique motion pattern that runs along the sides and over the top of the car merging the front and rear blue sections.  The motion lines fade from the Green Energy green colour that they use in their branding to the HF blue that has become so famous over the years.

On the rear of the vehicle, we included the list of ‘core’ services that they offer along with the website URL and icon designs of the different divisions of the company.

All in all, we think we did a pretty good job with this one.

Vehicle graphics are a great way to help increase your brand exposure. Whether the car is driving down the street or parked outside a location, foot traffic and regular traffic can all see it – every single day!

So if you want your brand to get noticed, why not give us a call to discuss your vehicle graphics.

A big thanks to Signpost Digital for applying the design work.  They were great to work with and did a brilliant job with the vinyl wraps.