Helping how we can with ‘Save the Couper’

Save the Couper

The Covid Pandemic brought with it hard times for pretty much everyone in the UK.  And lost in the media of the never ending updates of infection numbers, morning living room workouts and when the pubs would reopen, local libraries in Glasgow were having a serious battle for survival.

While we can’t lay claim to having helped that much, we did what we could and when the organisers of ‘Save the Couper’ were looking for a PVC banner that they could use to raise awareness of their campaign, we were more than happy to step up.

Every Saturday, the local community were organising ‘Read-ins’ between 11am and 12 noon, inviting local politicians, media…..whoever they could to make some noise about their fight.

And the good news is that it worked.  The Couper was indeed saved and when Covid restrictions were relaxed, the library opened its doors once again.

A massive congratulations to everyone that was involved.  The banner design may only have been a very very small part in the massive fight you put up but we hope it helped.