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Edward & Greaves Logo Design


We love working on branding design.

And while it is an area of Graphic Design that we spend less time in that we once did, it is still a joy to be part of the creation of a brand identity starting with nothing but a blank piece of paper.

While there are plenty of ‘DIY Logo Makers’ out there, you will never get that same level of creative thinking with an off the shelf logo option compared to something created purely bespoke for your business.

And that is why we were particularly proud to have worked on the design of the new Edward & Greaves logo design. The company specialises in Victorian Bathroom Design & Installation covering everything from mosaic tiling to the fitting of Clawfoot bath tubs.  They wanted a logo design that held elements of the Victorian era while still being clean and modern for social media marketing, website design etc.

One interesting thing that they wanted (and which played a key part of the design) was their insistence on using ‘et’ rather than ‘&’ for their logo.  So the domain name is https://edwardetgreaves.ltd/

The reason for this is that the very first ampersand was a ligature—that is, a character consisting of two or more letters joined together. Its creator was joining the letters e and t, of the Latin word et, meaning “and.” So while we know the modern & (ampersand) shape, older variations were an ET shaped symbol.  Thankfully for us, t and g have a similar pattern and one of the very first concepts we began working on was an ET ampersand that actually created the initials EG for Edward & Greaves.

A few evolutions of the concept gave us the final design which the client is more than delighted with.  The EG logo can be used as a symbol of its own for social media marketing while the full logo gets to use the symbol as both part of the logo and the ampersand between Edward & Greaves.

Simple yet effective.

In terms of the colour for the branding design, we assessed a palette of popular Victorian colours used for bathroom design of the era.  From this we chose the dark emerald green with light cream  secondary colour.  The colour palette can be seen throughout their website design, print design material and where possible on social media.

While we are biased, we really like this design and it has already become one of our favourite pieces of Graphic Design.

While the client is based in Edinburgh, the distance is not of any significance so the entire branding and website design work we completed for Edward & Greaves was completed in two meetings. One in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh.

If you are looking for a logo design that is bespoke then call us today.  We pride ourselves on being honest, open and flexible to your unique requirements for a logo design and branding that will let your business stand out and most importantly, generate more sales.