Client Responsibilities

We are devoted to providing a successful design solution and end product to you as our client. We work hard to give you our very best work under whatever time schedule has been agreed upon and we take great pride in what we do. We ask that as our client, you commit to the project with the same level of dedication as we do.

We will establish, define and explain to you exactly what we require from you; whether it be finalized content, logos, graphics or photography. In order to move your project forward, we will need your materials to base designs around. The most common hold-up in any design project, bar none, is client delivered content.

If you are not able to deliver the required content, we may suggest an alternative plan, such as assigning responsibilities over to us or outsourcing to a third party. This may alter the terms of our original agreement and the respective fees. We always try to establish an understanding on these matters before we begin a project, to avoid this type of complication.

The other important client responsibility in for any design project is providing feedback. As we work to complete the various stages of your project, we will require you to provide us with feedback on the work. Your feedback will help us better create the best design solution for you – since no one knows your business better than you. Your feedback along the way will also help us avoid having to redo any of the work once it is complete, and thus avoid any additional fees. When a client is able to commit to a project and provide the content and feedback we need, the project has a dramatically increased chance of success.

Naturally, when the client is committed to the project and provides timely feedback, we are able to work efficiently through the stages of the project and deliver a finished product more quickly. When a client is unable to provide timely feedback, the project becomes delayed, scheduling conflicts can occur, and the momentum of your project becomes diminished. With any branding, web or print design project, the more focused and dedicated the client is, the better the end result will be.

If you are happy to commit to working with Lundie Media, we require you to understand this process to ensure a successful working relationship together – it’s the logical way.