Celebrating 13 years

celebrating thirteen years

Thirteen years ago this week, what was then known as ‘The Logic of Eight’ first began its journey.

Operating purely as a sole trader business, the business plan was simple.  Find some clients, get some work and create some brilliant design and marketing material.

The whole ‘starting a business yourself’ thing all began because of the rude owner of a marketing company in Milton Keynes.  Gordon, the founder of Lundie Media was still relatively young in the design world and was looking for a new job with a design agency.  He got an interview with said company, drove down to Milton Keynes first thing in the morning and was greeted with ‘we forgot you were coming and don’t have much time so we can give you five minutes’. Not what you want to hear when you have just driven for just over 6 hours for a meeting at 9:30 in the morning.

On the way back up to Glasgow, along with some curse words, Gordon decided to go it alone.  He was sick and tired of dealing with design agencies that were rude, which cared more about the money than the service and who were always convinced that they were right and ignored what the client really wanted.

So….fast forward a couple of months of learning how to run a business, The Logic of Eight was born.  Initially as a sole trader business, we quickly found that we needed to get out there and network.  The phone for some reason wasn’t ringing off the hook on our first day.

So networking events were attended left, right and centre.  We joined 4Networking for a while.  We joined BNI for a while.  Over the years we made new connections, made friends and signed lots of new clients.  As the company began growing, the name ‘The Logic of Eight’ didn’t really sit right with our plans for the future so the decision came to rebrand and rename just in time for our 10 year anniversary.

So come this time three years ago, Lundie Media took over as the name on the door and we haven’t looked back since.

Over the thirteen years we have been servicing customers across the country, we have had high moments and low moments but we look back with pride at seeing the growth in companies that we have worked with where their sales have shot up directly from the work we have done with them.

So after thirteen years, we still have the same enthusiasm and drive for the future and can’t wait for the next thirteen years ahead.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey.