Benefits of social media marketing

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Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone who’s not on at least one social media platform.

With social media networks still growing rapidly, it’s fair to say these platforms carry a lot of potential when it comes to marketing your business. Whether it is Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube….no matter what kind of business you run, it’s possible to gain online attention through social media with a plan tailored to your business goals.

Whichever platform you choose (or how many you choose from), you’ve got options. Whether your aim is simply to increase your online presence and brand visibility, or if you want to invest in paid online advertising you can do both very easily and very cost effectively. In the fast paced world of marketing, it would be a huge oversight to dismiss social media and not take advantage of the powers of online marketing altogether.

Its free marketing

Yes, time is money. And yes, it is fair to say that executing an effective social media marketing plan can be time consuming. But, the actual use of social media doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Most of it can be done from your phone and there are plenty of free editing software options out there to take advantage of. There is no software subscriptions and you don’t have to invest any money into it.

While you can grow your audience organically through interesting content and consistent posting, there is also have the option of using paid advertising. If your business has a budget to invest in social media marketing, it can also produce targeted results and help you get in front of a more specific audiences to get your products or services noticed.

Strengthen brand identity with social media marketing

Social media provides an excellent opportunity for you to show of your business’ personality. It allows you to be much more natural with the customers you are trying to reach and interact with them too.

It’s a common misconception that your businesses has to be exciting in order to get interesting content for social media. While, having interesting day-to-day operations may make getting content easier, that doesn’t mean you have to opt out if your days aren’t filled with things you want to photograph. Some marketing requires a little more creativity than others, but there is always a way to create something interesting or entertaining for your consumers. You just have to find the right angle.

You can have fun with social media marketing

At the risk of sounding cheesy, you can have a lot of fun with your social media marketing. It gives you the opportunity to get creative with the message you are trying to convey. Anything you can think of that will promote your product, strengthen your brand identity or make your customer laugh can be useful. It’s a lot more laid-back approach and doesn’t have to feel robotic. Get creative with how you are communicating.

Outsourcing social media marketing

Many people are wary of posting on their social media accounts. It’s understandable. It can feel a bit like public speaking. However, when it comes to social media marketing, you really don’t want to be missing out on the huge advantages it could bring for your business. If you don’t feel confident enough or don’t have the time for social media marketing, consider outsourcing.
On that note… hello. Nice to meet you.

At Lundie media, we handle social media marketing for companies big and small and in a range of different industries. From kitchen table businesses to family run companies all the way to large brands that have seen the benefit of social media to their sales strategy and have entrusted us to deliver growth for them online.

So, whether you’re just starting out and need some help getting up and running or want someone to take your businesses social media off your hands, we are just a phone call away.  Get in touch, we can discuss options and see what suits your business and goals best.