Who We Are

We are Lundie Media and we are a Glasgow based Design & Marketing company.

At Lundie Media, we operate on the very logical realisation that no company actually needs graphic design, they need sales. Design and marketing however are pretty good ways of increasing sales whether its through promotional leaflets, brochures or advertising; an online presence, SEO or with an email marketing campaign. In order to get sales, a company needs to walk the walk and talk the talk – and that is where we come in.

Originally founded as a Sole Trader business in 2009 under the name ‘The Logic of Eight’ in Glasgow’s West End, we rebranded as Lundie Media in 2019 as part of a celebration of our first ten years in business and became a limited company in 2021. In the last decade +, we have been steadily building up a reputation for producing innovative and highly creative visual sales and marketing based design work across all areas of digital media. And all for a realistic price.

Produce high quality design work

Establish long lasting relationships

Deliver the same high quality again & again

Our business model is based on the principle of doing good work, establishing long term trust and building relationships with our customer to deliver the very best for them. All whilst ensuring that they have no need to consider any other design company for their future marketing needs. So far it has worked with over 90% of our business being generated from happy client referrals.

Our combination of design quality and pricing has seen us build a client list ranging from the ‘kitchen table’ sole trader right up to international corporations. Our ability to cover more than one design principle means that we can offer our clients so much more than just one area of digital and print based marketing. And so often, clients who come to us looking for a website (for example), quickly realise the benefits of working with as we can handle everything from their social media posting to monthly email newsletters, search engine optimisation….the list goes on.

So to answer the question of ‘who are we’? We are a local design company with real values, who don’t overcharge and are here until the job is done. Does that sound good to you?